Sunday, March 15, 2015


This has been a very long, harsh winter.  February brought snow storm after snow storm and temperatures well below average.  It seemed like we had to snow blow and shovel daily. The snow on the roof got deeper and deeper, then needed to be shoveled off to reduce the weight.

View from the Roof
Interestingly enough, it wasn't really scary up on the roof.....there was so much snow that my legs were buried almost up to my knees -- so sliding off wasn't a possibility.

On some roof surfaces, snow turned to ice, which in turn melted and dripped into the house.  For weeks we had strategically placed buckets and towels to catch the indoor rain.  Water coming in around the front door caused it to freeze shut, making it unusable for a month.

I follow blogs from England, Ireland, Washington state, and Oregon.  All were filled with pictures of green grass and spring flowers.  While we were stuck in a world of dirty white.

Well, it's mid-March and the snow is still there.  But it's melting.  The roof is almost clear of snow and ice.  The wreath that hung so festively on the door in December and then fell into a snowbank is almost un-buried.  I can see the top of the birdbath.  And we got the front door opened.

Unfortunately, we're seeing a lot of damage too.  Some fence rails have broken off.  Shrubs are bent and broken and will need serious pruning.  Walls and ceilings need repair and re-painting.  We need to figure out why ice forms in one particular area on the roof.

One thing we have enjoyed this winter -- our bird feeder.  We've seen so many birds flitting around, eagerly gobbling down the seed and the suet.

There's still a lot of snow....but the air smells like spring.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snow, Snow, Snow

It's been unbelievably snowy.  The pile at our front door is way over my head.

So why haven't I gotten more done craft-wise?  Oh, maybe because I keep ripping it out.  9 inches of my sweater gone.  Funny how it's faster to rip than to knit.  After reworking several inches of cable two times, I decided that the cable had to go.....

Monday, January 12, 2015

Mystery Visitor

We were taking the outside decorations down when we noticed a strange disturbance under a tree and some very unusual paw prints leading to/from.  What could it be?  We have no idea.