Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flowers or Weeds

We like to plant flowers in our community garden plot.  They add color to an otherwise mostly green plot.  And they are beautiful to look at while weeding on a hot humid summer day.

This year we decided to do something different and got a package of mixed seeds - Fairy Meadow from Botanical Interests. Not thinking things through,  we didn't realize how difficult it'd be to tell the flowers from the weeds.....so I'm sure we've weeded out a bunch of flowers and that we're now cultivating and watering a bunch of flowering weeds.  Oh well.

As the flowers are blooming we're trying to identify them using the list on the package.....some are easy,  others not so much so.

Monday, July 27, 2015


And the living is busy.  Very busy.

Someone I know had a baby girl...so she obviously needed some sunbonnets.

And our community garden plot is looking good. Cucumbers, chard, and carrots (among many other things). We're expecting a heatwave this week so things will start looking a bit tired soon. 

And I'm trying to post from my tablet.  That may make things a lot easier!

Edited to fix autocorrect type....

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wearable Muslins

I read a lot of sewing blogs....and it's amazing seeing all the different outfits people make.

I saw two patterns that looked like they'd fit into my mostly casual wardrobe -- by a company I'd never heard of - Jalie.  So I ordered two and made one of each as a trial to check the sizing and see if I could use the cover stitch on my (older model) serger.

First was a dolman sleeved knit top (Jalie 3352) -- using some fabric I had on hand.  I cut what I thought would be a good size -- with sleeves -- and used a twin needles for hemming.  It's cute -- and looks like the pictures.  But it's really too big (especially in the shoulder/underarm area), too long (by 2-3 inches), and the doubleneedle just didn't provide sufficient stretch.  It's wearable -- as an oversized top.  But I'm going to try again with a sleeveless version and adjust the size/length.

Next up was a racerback tank (Jalie 3245) -- again using fabric I had on hand.  I cut the same size as the dolman sleeved top -- and had to cut off one inch at each size at the underarm-- for a total of 4 inches (I have to admit that I just serged the excess off - blending into the original seam line a few inches down).  This time I used my coverstitch and it worked out fairly well.  I couldn't stitch over serged seams neatly -- but the stitching looked great on the flat hems, around the arms and neckline.  And after reading a few tips online for starting and ending each seam -- the results really look professional.

I didn't use any binding, but simply stitched the hems down.