Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Really Slow Fashion

Like many makers, I'm trying to sew/knit many of my own clothes to get away from today's fast fashion world of cheaply made, throw away clothing.  But it takes time. A lot of time. And getting things to fit is somewhere between an art and a science.

And sometimes things just don't work out.  I tried to make a dress using a pattern similar to a ready to wear dress I wear frequently (Pattern).  I actually made two muslins to test the fit before cutting the dress out of the fashion fabric (that's a whole nother subject).  But it didn't help.  The chosen fabric was just too stretchy and the weight of all that fabric stretched the armholes half way to my waist.  There was nothing to do but cut it up and find a more suitable use for the fabric.  The rest was wadded up and thrown into the trash.  The technical term for such a project is a "wadder. "

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