Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Another Tuesday -- Feels Like Monday

Today we have a little progress to report on both the cat and knitting fronts.

Camellia (yes, we're changing the spelling of her name) has ventured outside her room and is slowly exploring the upstairs part of the house. The downstairs is still the Little A's domain.

One SAM5 February sock is in the finished pile -- haven't cast on the second yet. These are fun socks to wear.

And my Ice Queen cowl is finally starting to look like something. I'm switching back to circular needles for the next part -- there's a little laddering in the lace now -- just hope that it's not too noticeable when finished. Putting the beads on is time consuming, but does add to the look! Note that the red yarn will come out in the end; it's just there to hold things together now. The second picture shows the color better.


Pat said...

The Ice Queen cowl looks so soft and beautiful - I love your new anklet too!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in the Ice Queen cowl! Did you name it after me?