Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Queen is Finally Frozen

After what seems like forever (OK, only a month), the Ice Queen cowl is finally finished! It's a little shorter than I'd like (but that's all the yarn I had) -- maybe my head is just bigger than the average bear's. It's tempting to make another -- just not in mohair and with more yarn. It really is pretty -- maybe not the real me -- but very lacey and delicate.
Ice Queen

As a reward for finishing that, I started my SAM5 March socks AND a Forest Canopy lace shawl. WIP pictures at 11.
After having senior cats for so long, we'd forgotten what it was like to have cats that jump, play, run, and get into mischief. There's no obvious reason she jumped on the bathroom counter, but cats never need a reason.


Em said...

aww! Get down Camellia before mom gets mad. :) The quilt is cute! Pretty flowers and the cowl is really pretty too. Hooray for finished projects! I am the queen of UNfinished projects.

tortikitty said...

I have unfinished cross-stitch projects that I've had for, um, years. [blushing]

Camellia looks quite comfortable sitting on the counter. Hope she's settling in with the Little A.

Hugs to the felines!

Anonymous said...

LOVE those colors!!!