Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mystic Light Shawl KAL

I signed up for the Mystic Light Shawl knit along. The idea is to knit a shawl along with a virtual (online) group of people. It's like a mystery quilt -- you have no idea what the end result will look like. The pattern will be released in five increments, on successive Wednesdays, starting 26 Mar.

The swatching information came out last week. The recommended needle size was US7; the bottom part of the swatch was done in 7s, the top in 6s. I think the top looks better, so 6s it is. There are yarn overs on the left side too -- it's funny how they don't show in the swatch. Guess that means serious blocking will be required!

It's so interesting how different the yarn looks when you get it (unwound) versus when balled up (and even knitted). This is Wooly Wonka Fiber's superwash merino wool yarn (sock/fingering weight) in color Zinnia. But I think it's more like an aster than a zinnia (except for the yellow).


cpurl17 said...

I can't wait to see what the shawl will come out like--that yarn is so delicious!

Yellow Rose said...

I LOVE those colors!

Casey said...

I love those colors!