Thursday, April 10, 2008

Better Late than Never

Our new kitchen window has been in since November -- with no "window treatment." [I think that's a silly expression.] Even insulated, the area around the window got pretty cold in the winter. And since the window faces front, overlooking the patio and front door -- we couldn't even pretend not to be home when someone came!
I'd decided to make a roman shade -- the simplicity fit the room, it wouldn't be wet from the sink when pulled up, and I'm too thrifty to actual buy something pre-made. The first attempt used dowels -- but didn't look good and definitely didn't fold up well -- so I took it apart and tried again. This version has plastic rings on the back (from the knitting department at JoAnn's) and some nifty velcro that's a combo sew on (loop)/stick on (hook). Ignore the cord at the side; we haven't put up the dohickey to wind it on, so it's looped around the cabinet knobs. This came out so well, I'm making more for other rooms.


Yellow Rose said...

That looks really good. You're so darn handy!

Em said...

That looks great!