Friday, April 4, 2008

Cheap Tip

Everyone knows the economy isn't all that I thought it would be great to share some money-saving tips -- preferably ones that work -- every once in a while.
Today we have a cheap cat scratching pad. Our cats love to scratch. We'd prefer they not use the furniture, but are, of course, too frugal to pay a lot for overpriced toys they probably wouldn't use (just out of spite, I'm sure). So we made our own. These scratching pads have been thoroughly tested by our panel of six felines (sadly, four of whom are no longer with us). Obviously they are well used and abused (the top is the original and the bottom a newer one).
  1. Get a low-sided good-sized rectangular box (stores like Costco are good sources). Mine are 3 inches high by 18 inches long by 12 inches wide. This allows the (chubby) cats to lie both on and in front of the pad for good scratching action.
  2. Cut up random corrugated cardboard boxes into strips that fit snugly into the box lengthwise (my strips were 3 inches by 18 inches). I like the 3 inches part cause I can use my quilting ruler and mat for easy cutting. Cut perpendicular to the little corrugated tubes (so you can see the tube openings) for better scratchability. You'll need lots of strips.
  3. Squirt glue (like Elmer's) into box in random squiggles and insert cardboard strips tightly. The glue helps hold the strips in place -- enthusiastic scratching can pull the strips out.
  4. Sprinkle with catnip for added enjoyment. The other good thing about the low height is that they won't hurt themselves when they roll off!


cpurl17 said...

What a great idea! I won't tell what i paid for cary's "scratch lounge"

Casey said...

You're so clever. I could never think of doing something like that! Instead I spent as much as cpurl for 'scratch lounge' - cat's love boxes! I went to UPS to buy a 'lamp' box and it sits in my hallway as a tunnel.

Yellow Rose said...

That is a very good idea!