Friday, April 18, 2008

Earth Day

Every spring, our town sponsors a town-wide clean-up day where the residents go out and pick up trash along the streets. Most of this has been hidden under piles of snow all winter.

We took five bags, thinking it would take awhile to fill them up. This morning it was more like "what was I thinking......we'll never fill five bags."

Well, sad to say, it took no time at all to fill up the bags within easy walking distance of the house. They got so heavy, we had to get the car to carry them back. Very sad. Why do people throw trash out of their cars?


Em said...

oh man! that's a lot of trash! People make me so mad!

cpurl17 said...

Good work on filling up those bags!

Yellow Rose said...

I agree, it is sad. What a great community project.