Monday, August 25, 2008

Closing Ceremonies

I managed to complete three projects during the Ravelympics.......just not the three originally planned.

First was the Falling Water scarf (see previous blog post).

Second was a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag). I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease (two skeins Hazelnut, one-half skein Terracotta), but ran out of the Hazelnut on the top row and had to finish the handles with Terracotta. I'm not sure I like that and may rip the handles out and redo them in Hazelnut. First I'll carry it around and use it to see if there are any other mods I need to make.

Finally, I finished my August SAM6 socks as a late entry in the WIPS wrestling event. I just hope it wasn't too late an entry. But even if it was -- they're done and I already have my SAM6 "A" for August. These are Fawn Pea's footies -- modified to have a plain instep rather than a ribbed one. I've discovered I like plain footed socks -- they aren't as bunchy. Notice how well the stripes match!

Unfortunately, the little toy cat never really got going -- I started it twice, but the combination of yarn/hook (it's crocheted) just wasn't working. Oh well, another day.

So right now, I have only two projects underway -- both mystery shawls started long before the Ravelympics. Time to get them back on track and finished.

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