Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Asters are one of my favorite flowers. I love the purple, pink, and white colors and the shaggy petals of the summer blooming annuals as well as the perennial (kinda sorta) asters that add a nice touch of color to the yard in the fall.

Fluffy fur can also hint at the shaggy petals. Aster (b - April 1990, d - April 2007) -- full of cattitude from the day she came home as a weeks old kitten.

I joined the sheep shares from Foxfire Fibers and got my spring share this week. When I saw that aster was one of the color choices -- the only choice was what to knit from it.


cpurl17 said...

Pretty yarn (and sweet kitty!)

Barb said...

Found your blog today! Enjoyed seeing your kitty and your garden plans. I'm behind in planning mine this year. Look forward to seeing what you create with your Sheep Shares!