Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Hat, New Haircut

I had some Red Heart Heart and Sole sock-weight yarn in my stash that was struggling to find the right project. We tried multiple instantiations of fingerless gloves, but none of them worked. Then I saw the purl bee's Purl Beret......

I didn't like the original yarn color/striping (it was the watercolor stripe colorway) so had previously dyed the yarn using a mix of various types of red kool-aid. After the hat was knitted, I overdyed it with even more red kool-aid to make it nice and bright.

And yes, that's also a new haircut. Being the frugal person I am, I just couldn't see going to a full service salon in this tough economy. But the regional vocational school has a cosmetology school open to the public three mornings a week...worth trying certainly (even if it didn't work, bad haircuts always grow out). I'm quite pleased with how it came out -- it looks fine and the price.....a mere $6 (plus tip). Can't beat that!

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cpurl17 said...

Cute hat! Hair grows out and you have a cute hat to cover it!