Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Sweater

The weather in New England is really all over the place in the spring/summer/fall. Cold, hot, just right, rainy, sunny, etc, etc. It seemed like a nice cotton sweater would be just the right thing for those in between days. So I jumped on the Hey Teach bandwagon (already 873 projects on Ravelry -- by the time I get around to something popular, everyone else is - unfortunately - on to the next great idea -- oh well). I'm knitting the fronts/back together and have just started the lace portion. That's a lot more fun than stockinette stitch (zzzzzzzzzz). And I have to be the worst k1/p1 ribbing knitter in the world -- it always looks so sloppy, even though I try various techniques to make it less so.

And here's my knitting helper...always ready to lend a paw. You'd think that at age 17 she'd know not to eat yarn.

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cpurl17 said...

If only they could knit....

Hey teach is cute!