Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It's spring and thoughts have turned to cleaning...... Actually, it was in the 90s yesterday, 80s expected today -- so it's really more like summer (and who wants to clean then!). Way too hot for this time of year.

This past winter was rough and there was a lot of storm-related tree damage. The town was supposed to pick up the brush this past week. As you can see, it's still piled up at the curb. No word on why nothing was picked up.

The other annoying part is that B-Dad removed parts of the fence to scrape and re-paint, but now he can't replace them till the brush is picked up.

And yesterday was town clean-up day. We took our trash bags and picked up litter on the side of the road. You don't have to go far to collect four bags worth..... People are slobs -- it's a fact. The worst offenders are....smokers, beer and nip drinkers, coffee drinkers, and those who drink from plastic bottles (water, energy drinks, etc). Everything else was pretty much small change. This morning we drove our clean-up route and someone threw fresh trash out! Made me so mad - fortunately I have another bag so I can go collect that later.

I wonder how long the bags will sit at the end of the driveway before they're picked up??

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cpurl17 said...

That looks like a lot of hard work! good job!