Monday, May 18, 2009

Memory Lane

Last weekend I attended my 40th high school reunion brunch. While there, we were reminiscing about the local, but now long-gone, department store - Denholm & McKay. Denholms was an old style department store with multiple floors, escalators, Christmas decorations, etc. I have many memories of the no particular order.....the charge plate/card; shopping with my mother on Saturdays; a wool, blue plaid jumper; and the fabric department. The fabric department was on the side of the store and had entrances from the main store as well as directly to the street (the street sloped up). The clerks used these gadgets to measure the fabric (all fabric stores did at the time -- none do now). I still have many patterns from those shopping expeditions. The skirt pattern is copyright 1967, while the dress dates from 1968-1969. One can only hope that dresses made of upholstery fabric trimmed with ball fringe do not make a comeback.

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cpurl17 said...

Those patterns are so cool! Department stores have really changed over the years.