Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rain, Rain Go AWAY

We have had so much rain recently. Too much. And it's been chilly. People are wearing jackets and socks in July! I just hope our garden survives.

But at least I've been doing some knitting, though not nearly as much as I should have given the weather conditions. I've been working with a friend (from high school -- we reconnected at our recent 40th reunion) who wants to make an afghan just like one she made years ago. Of course, the written pattern is long gone and contact with the company was not successful, so we're reverse engineering it. Here's my latest attempt based on seeing the afghan and double-checking the pictures.

And progress is ever so slow on the New York Ulmus (New York because of the dark colors). I'm down to the edging now and have to follow the charted pattern, so that slows me down a bit. But I like the way it looks -- so that's good.

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