Friday, November 20, 2009

Project Fail

We tend to do a lot of things around the house ourselves.....we aren't crazed DIYers like you see on HGTV, but we will try a lot of projects on our own.

Unfortunately, not all our projects work out -- if we did have a TV show, there'd be a lot of bloopers.

My clothes dryer has been generating lots of lint lately -- we investigated and determined that the dryer was not connected tightly to the vent. Should we a simple fix, right?

Now the washer/dryer are in a small closet, with little (very little) excess space. First we tried to remove one of the bi-fold doors to simplify access -- with NO success. We even looked it up in a home repair book -- but that door did not budge. So B-Dad squeezed himself into the space (climbing over the dryer) and attached the dryer to the vent firmly, with clamps and all. Yay! We cleaned up the area, vaccing all the lint up, double-yay. It looked great -- all neat and organized.

Now for the final test. Of course I had a washer full of just-washed and wet clothes.

Woops! Yes, the door wouldn't open.

Aligning the dryer with the vent meant placing the dryer where the door wouldn't open. I should've realized that ding in the door paint was there for a reason!! It was too late for an emergency run to the Home Despot for new parts, so I had to jam the wet clothes into the dryer through that little opening.

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