Sunday, January 17, 2010


I seem to be having a stretch in which my projects are just fails. Perhaps not worthy of one of the blogs I follow -- Craft Fail -- but still not good. I recently started a Damson Shawl and while I wasn't loving the yarn/project combination, continued along.....until I reached the lace portion and saw that the eyelets didn't line up. Hmmmm...checked online and all the pictures I saw were I had to conclude that it was me. Somehow I'd either missed a stitch or had misplaced a marker. Then I saw that others using this yarn for their Damsons had run out. So here we have my before and after pics.

Not content with merely failing at a craft project, I moved on to dinner. We like to make our own pizzas using refrigerated store-bought dough (whole wheat -- I'm sure it's healthier). The dough comes in a good-sized blob that you roll out into a 12-inch circle. I've done this many times. Well, sometimes things just don't work out....and we ended up with this amoeba shape that gave new meaning to thick crust. Sigh. It's no wonder why I don't cook.

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Casey said...

Oh no!! The before and after shot made me :giggle though.

Yikes on the pizza, that's why I just go to costco...