Thursday, April 15, 2010

Try, Try Again

I made a pair of Knucks for my father for Christmas. He had a hand accident years ago and needed the left hand customized. Unfortunately, I didn't get the shape right first time around (sometimes I think my brain takes the vacations my body doesn't). So I frogged it and re-knit it. Yikes......the yarn retained its knitted kinky curliness and the mitt looked awful. So I re-frogged it and wound the yarn into a new skein (using my new niddy noddy) -- then washed and dried it. Then re-re-knit the mitt. Success! It looks like the right hand one -- and hopefully it will fit this time.

The yarn is Rowan's Wool Cotton in a nice chocolate brown. Check out the Ravelry Link (I'm trying that for the first time).

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