Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summertime...and the Living is Busy

There is just not enough time to get to all the things that need doing. I've been gardening, sewing (yes), spinning, and knitting. But there are so many other things that need doing -- like refinishing a chair, filing, painting........ And work (paid and volunteer) really consumes a lot of time!

My big knitting project is the Annis Shawl. The good news was that I'd finally finished the nupps and could pick up some speed. The bad news was that I saw a dropped stitch in a nupp just after I took this picture....so I have to rip out a few rows and reknit them (360+ stitches per row). There's just no way to fix a broken nupp several rows later.

And I've been spinning. It's a good thing I entered the Tour de Fleece to motivate me to spin everyday. My day runs out of time before I run out of projects! This is what's on my bobbin now....it looks a little better than the previous attempt.

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