Sunday, August 8, 2010

Real Gardener?

How do you know when you're a real gardener? It seems like everyone grows tomatoes. If you only grow tomatoes on the patio, does that make you a real gardener? Probably, if that's what you think you are!

We did pick our first tomato of the season -- which made us very happy -- though I didn't say wow -- you're an official gardener. I don't know why the tomatoes are so slow this year -- there are lots of green ones, but that's pretty much it. [The picture is deceptive -- it's a really small tomato.]

But we did harvest some potatoes. Now that made me feel like a gardener. We had three potato bags and planted one cut up seed potato in each. Of course, we didn't remember what we bought, so it was pretty much random planting. I think these are Yukon Golds. There are about 18 potatoes, weighing about 5 pounds.

We must be real gardeners by now.

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