Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting Organized

Now that it's fall, it's time to get more lazy days of summer!

I was tired of having piles of quilts on the couch and chairs, so yesterday we went to Ikea to get something to help store them. We'd already picked it out online -- and even knew it was in stock and exactly where to pick it up in their self-serve furniture pick-up area (that's a great feature of their website).

First we had to wander around the store because we wanted to see one in person -- as anyone who's ever been to an Ikea knows, that's an experience in itself...and of course we saw a couple other things we needed along the way. [I've never seen a store that has so many items I never even knew existed.] After enough looking, we finally found it....though called an occasional table, we found it with the kitchen tables. It's huge -- much larger than expected!

So we headed down to pick it up -- exactly where it was supposed to be. Unassembled, of course (this was Ikea). In a big box weighing over 100 pounds! It actually went together very well. The instructions were clear (all pictures) and the parts were all there (without damage). We did end up with a couple leftovers, but quickly saw where they were supposed to have gone (our fault, not the directions).

I think the quilts look great on it -- and there's even room for a few more.

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