Friday, February 11, 2011

Fit to Flatter

Last Sunday I took one of Amy Herzog's (knit, stash, repeat) Fit to Flatter classes. I've made three sweaters/vests since resuming knitting a couple years ago and only one of the three is even close to flattering. Not surprisingly, it's the only one I actually wear. [I hate to admit that one looked so terrible on that I never, ever wore it -- the finished sweater looked fine, just not fine on me.]

I loved the class and highly recommend it.....although the front/side view pictures she took and we used to evaluate our shapes were absolutely horrifying. Trying on different sweaters was eye opening....who would've guessed that the different styles would make such a huge difference. A sweater that looked fantastic on one person might do absolutely nothing for another.

When I got home I scrubbed my Ravelry sweater queue and deleted at least half of them, keeping and/or adding only those that had a chance of looking good or had interesting design features I could use. Now to try to match up some patterns with yarn already in my stash (there's really not much sweater quantity yarn there).

As for that never worn sweater? Frogged. The yarn has already been washed/reskeined -- looking for a new, more flattering pattern. That post-frogging feeling is so freeing!

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Michelle said...

Doesn't it feel great to clear your queue of patterns that you know won't look good and keep it full of patterns that will look great and be fun to knit?