Saturday, March 5, 2011


Seems like there's a whole lot going on, but not a lot is getting done. We've been painting my office and trying to get it organized (ha!). I have too many projects started -- and that means nothing gets finished......and I want to help Estella by making a few Hats for Haiti.

So I'm buckling down and finishing those projects that are "almost" done. First up was a version of my own design First Down in commercial yarn (the original was in my handspun). There I was, ready to cross that finish line.....arms outstretched......when I ran out of yarn with just 25 stitches left on the bindoff row. ARRRGGGGHHHHH.

What to do????????? The options are a) buy another skein of yarn (not happening since I'm trying to reduce my stash), b) try to use the ends from the long-tail cast-on and joins (really ugly), or c) rip back 5 rows and start the edging back further (time-consuming, especially since I already did this once, knowing I'd run out....I just didn't rip back far enough). Sigh....the correct answer is c....but it hurts.


Michelle said...

You could also keep binding off using the existing loops. Makes for a tighter bind off but keeps you from having to pull back again.

Anonymous said...

If it helps, it looks nice.
Old Man