Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Never-Ending Shawl

This shawl could be termed a learning experience. Or if not learning, re-affirming things I knew about myself.

I like to knit from charts (vice word instructions). I like being able to see where I came from and where I'm going graphically. I also don't "wing" things well. Fudging by adding a stitch here, deleting a stitch there is just not something I do.

I really liked the look of the In the Pink shawl -- so I decided to make it -- even though it didn't have charts. The main body of the shawl went OK. Things seemed to look OK, so I figured they must be OK. I just couldn't get the border to be I just substituted a plain stockinette border, increasing to get a correct multiple of stitches. The edging it probably my favorite part -- thought it took forever. FOREVER. A few times I felt like stabbing myself with the knitting needles it was so excruciating. There are 88 points on the edge -- and each one took 10 rows to do (give or take -- the end ones were less). Roughly speaking -- 875 rows.

But I do love the way it came out. Definitely one of my favorite finished objects. And it's huge -- 54 inches side-to-side, 42 inches top-to-bottom. Yarn used was Lang Yarn Jawoll Magic in shades of blue. I really thought it was black....and even bought additional black yarn before I figured out that it was really blue.

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