Monday, August 8, 2011

Cucumbers to Pickles

I love cucumbers....they're probably my favorite vegetable. I know there are people who can't eat's really too bad for them. My favorites are the little picklers. On bagels for a delicious breakfast. In salads. Especially orzo salad.

But when they're coming fast and furious, pickles are a sure fire way to use up lots of them. I've never had good luck with dill pickles -- so I stick with bread and butters -- they're great with our quick supper standby tuna salad sandwiches.

I started with a lot of cucumbers and onions fresh from our garden.

Then sliced them thinly with a mandolin (one of the all time great kitchen tools - it makes slicing so fast and easy).

After boiling for 5-10 minutes in a vinegar, sugar, and spice mixture, we canned them outside on the patio using our propane cooker (it beats heating up the kitchen on a hot summer day).

That batch resulted in 7 perfect pints of delicious pickles.

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Michelle said...

Looks yummy. I've been thinking about trying pickling but probably not this year.