Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Squash Bread - Efficiently

It might seem overwhelming to make five loaves of squash bread. But there is a (relatively) efficient way of making squash bread....minimizing the number of utensils and dishes used.

1a. Measure and chop nuts in food processor (uses food processor, bowl, and large measuring cup)

1b. Grate squash (uses food processor and same large measuring cup)

2. Measure and mix all dry ingredients (uses bowl, measuring cup, and teaspoon)

3. Measure and mix all wet ingredients (uses mixing bowl, same measuring cup, and teaspoon)

Note the mixer -- looks just like today's version -- only this one is from the 70s.

I bake mine in aluminum pans -- used a few times, then recycled.

And the cake tester....a very old Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Not having a lot of dishes? Priceless.

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