Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who Knew?

It seems that whenever I look at sweater patterns on Ravelry, I see a lot of top-down or bottom-up sweaters knit in one piece. In fact, it appears that knitters go to great lengths to avoid patterns with seams, to the point of revamping the construction and even adding pseudo-seams to create a seamless pattern.

One of the knitting designers whose patterns I love, Amy Herzog, is a vocal advocate of seamed sweaters. Her patterns tend to be structured, tailored, and/or fitted (rather than sweatshirt styled) and seams are an integral part of each design.

After taking Amy's Fit to Flatter class, I started knitting her Dunedin Vest. It was finally ready for seaming this week. Coincidentally, Twist Collective recently published an article titled "In Praise of Seams" showing how to seam invisibly (there are many other tutorials online as well). After studying the diagrams, I took out my trusty needle and mattress-stitched away. And all I can say is wow! It's practically invisible. And doesn't stretch. I can't wait to finish my vest.

And on the gardening front......what to do with all this squash? It looks like aliens have landed in the kitchen.

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Michelle said...

Mattress stitch can be quite magical. Those squash are amazing looking. Definitely UFO-esque.