Sunday, September 18, 2011


I'm not sure what the plural of knitalong is.  Knits-a-long sounds right though.

Anyway, I've joined a couple this spring/summer/fall with the hope of actually finishing some projects off.  I have to admit, I don't tend to have a lot of projects's more that a) it takes forever to finish a project because I rip and fix, rip and adjust or b) rip and abandon.  So there's a lot of knitting - just not all in the forward direction.

But I finally finished my Through the Loops Summer Shawl KAL project.- this KAL required making any Through the Loops shawl between 19 Jun and 23 Sep.  I chose the Roma shawl and, as usual, had to tweak it a bit.  The lace portion is as written.  The striping portion is based on the color change of the basic version, with the stitch pattern and size of the alternate -- only with the garter/purl bumps in the main (solid) color.  I wanted to make the alternate edging, but didn't like the look of the variegated yarn in garter stitch, didn't have enough solid yarn to edge it with that, and didn't want the eyelet holes, so I just did an 8-row garter stitch edge.  I really like how it came out -- very fall-like.  Good for cool weather wear in an almost go-with-everything color combination.

Right near the end of that, I started my Foxfire Fiber Autumn 2011 KAL.  This KAL required the use of any Foxfire Fiber yarn to make any pattern of one's choosing between 4 Sep and 15 Oct.  For this I'm using one of my original sheep shares to make Jared Flood's Quincy hat.....I just hope I have enough yarn (I've already ripped it out once to adjust the size to squeeze out more of the yarn).

Funny how the tones of the two projects are so similar....and they aren't my usual colors.

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