Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finally Finished

I finally finished my Cornsilk sweater, knit in Classic Elite Classic One Fifty yarn (now discontinued) and just love the way it turned out!  Not only did the fit come out better than I'd hoped, it's warm and cozy, without a hint of scratchiness.  I've worn it almost every day since it came off the blocking board.

I made a lot of tweaks -- using a different gauge yarn, fine tuning the fit, and construction adjustments (just cause I like doing things a certain way to make the final product more finished looking).  See page one of about four pages of notes, plus spreadsheet.  But it was all worth it.

 The overall modeled pictures were kind of blurry, but here are some showing the details.

Knitting the set-in sleeves top down was so easy and the results look fantastic.  The shoulders fit exactly on my shoulders without hanging off or excess fabric pooching out in the sleeves or underarm.  The mattress seams are nearly invisible (hmmmm....I can see where it started the garter hem in the round).  The sleeves are a perfect length and don't cover my hands.  The rounded collar lies flat and is very flattering.  Did I mention that I love this sweater?

And.....I used 1275 yards of stash yarn.  Double bonus!!


Karen said...

It's beautiful!! It looks so snuggley and I love the pretty neutral color. I can see why you'd be inclined to wear it every day. :)

Michelle said...

Sweater looks great!!! And wonderful stash busting. That's a great dent!