Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've been using Pinterest lately and have seen a lot of fun/interesting things.  But it's crazy to just pin items and not do anything with the ideas.  Especially recipes.  So I decided to try one of my pins - Faux Nutella.  I've tried the store-bought original.  On toast as they advertise it.  And to be honest -- didn't like it.  It was like eating a candy bar spread on bread.....I even brought the remaining jar into work so it wouldn't go to waste (everyone knows people at work eat anything!).

But I'd seen two separate for homemade Nutella, the other for chocolate dipped frozen that seemed like a much better combination so I thought I'd try that.  I used this recipe...with chopped hazelnuts instead of whole (which are only available seasonally) and milk chocolate chips instead of the larger chocolate bars.  Note that the chopped nuts should only be toasted for about 8 minutes or they'll burn.

It mixed up very easily in the food processor.

I dipped the banana chunks into the chocolate and froze for a few hours.

They're so good.  We've also tried apple slices dipped in the remaining faux-Nutella (softened in the microwave)....equally good.  Eating apples sliced up is so much slower than eating them whole -- by the time I was finished with my snack I was totally full.  Bonus!


Michelle said...

Looks yummy! I go through my pins every so often to delete things that I won't ever realistically buy or make. I did make the frozen oatmeal "pucks" which are working really well.

Anonymous said...

I bet your father would like these.sunchip