Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring/Summer Bag

Now that the weather's getting warmer (OK, it was downright hot (93 degrees) today), it's time to put away the all-purpose black bag and start sporting something a little more summery.  I'm too cheap thrifty to actually buy a fabric bag....have you ever seen the prices?  And, let's face it, the fabric combos can be a bit loud for me.  But I saw this pattern online and liked the shape and details.  I didn't want to piece it together from strips, so decided to use a single fabric (from stash, of course).

It's pretty much made per the instructions, except that the gathered piece is a lot less gathered - I didn't have enough fabric to gather it more.  And there's no button -- I was going to add a magnetic snap, but forgot to do so before attaching the lining -- too late then!

I like it -- it fits all my stuff and isn't too heavy.

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