Saturday, June 30, 2012


And we're actually picking real veggies from our garden.  This year, we tried bok choy for the first time and it is a winner!  We've tried it a few different ways, but my favorite so far is Bok Choy Quinoa Pilaf.

As if bringing my stash down to manageable levels wasn't hard enough.....I'm also helping my mother with hers.  We finished the first knitted project of that endeavor -- this was probably started 15-20 years ago.  Amazingly enough, there are 16 Ravelry projects using this pattern from an old Paton's leaflet.  I love looking at other people's project pictures and notes.

And a word to Verizon.....this is not a great way to market your services to me......the offer would have to be super-fantastic to get me to take advantage of it -- and this one wasn't.

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