Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Our community garden held a swap/trade/give-away today.  Everything goes on a table to be shared.  We added a zucchini and some swiss chard to the pile.....and took home a tomato.  Our tomatoes aren't ripe yet....and we've been eyeing those that are jealously.

But in the spirit of sharing.....  The blogosphere is filled with tips about non-chemical cleaners.  We have old vinyl flooring filled with nooks and crannies that just grab and hold dirt.  There comes a point when I just can't stand it any longer (and replacing the vinyl isn't at option at the moment).  So I mixed up a solution of water and vinegar (3:1 ratio) with a couple drops of eucalyptus oil so I wouldn't succumb to vinegar fumes.  After spraying it liberally on the floor, I shook a little powdered borax on top (not too much or you'll be rinsing forever), swished it around with a scrub brush (on a pole, so no hands/knees scrubbing) and let it sit while I checked email, read blogs, looked at Pinterest, etc.  When I came back and scrubbed it again (with the scrub brush), the dirt lifted miraculously.  To finish it off, I rinsed about 2-3 times with clean water and voila -- a beautiful clean floor.  Look how white the fake grout lines are!

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