Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back to the Old Routine

I needed something quick to get me back into the knitting groove.  Nothing like some instant gratification.  I saw this pattern, knew I had just the right yarn, and it was off to the races.  I planned to add 3 buttonholes, but after finishing the last one, within just a couple rows of the end of the body, I decided they looked too sloppy and were too closely rip, rip -- out they came.  The second time around I just made one, using this tutorial from Ysolda.  It looks so much nicer now -- not sloppy at all.  Now it's on to the sleeves.

And the community gardens are open for the season.  I read a couple UK based blogs and they use the term "allotments" for the gardens.  We've started working our allotment already, but another gardener is in for a bit of a delay.  A pair of killdeer (birds) is roosting in one of the plots.  Right on the ground, right out in the open.  We try to steer clear of her (and him as he rushes around) and they're very vocal if they think someone's too close.  Crazy birds.

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