Thursday, January 31, 2008

Caution -- I'm Getting Organized

After seeing pictures of how organized some knitters are......I decided to make some knitting needle cases to organize mine. The idea was to NOT spend any money. So using some really ugly stash fabric, here's my double-pointed needle case. It can hold two sets of each size of needle (of course, I found out afterwards that there's a size 1.5 that I didn't factor in!). Now I can easily see what sizes I have -- and don't have. I sense a shopping trip coming up to fill in the blanks --there are lots of empty spaces......

And how did I end up with just two size 6 and three size 3 needles? My next task is to clean out the UFO cabinet -- I'm sure there are other needles hidden in there.

We have a little more progress to report on the SAM5 Feb socks.....the foot is progressing nicely.

And the future felted bag is speeding right along. Love the yarn color. I've been able to knit this continental style, so it's moving quite quickly. And as an extra bonus, the bag holds the yarn while I knit.


cpurl17 said...

The knitting needle case came out perfect! I have many random needles about my house. Organization does not fit in my vocabulary.

Casey said...

I'm jealous of you crafty-types! Cute! and thrifty to boot.