Thursday, January 3, 2008


It is cold today -- the high should reach 15 here in New England. That may not be cold in some places -- but with the price of home heating oil -- it's COLD!

Do you ever realize that you made a really good purchase -- and that you get a lot of use out of something? Here's mine......

I wear these almost all the time (well -- fall, winter, and spring -- in the summer I switch to my red Crocs).

And for an update on my SAM5 Jan socks. One done, one started. Well, one is almost done......I made a slight (ahem) mistake -- bound off too tightly and they don't fit over my heel (but they were great when on the needles!). So I have to take that last row out and redo it. How embarassing! This picture doesn't show the pattern well -- but it's on the classic side.


andersonjoy said...

So funny! I have those same shoes in green, and just told my husband that they were one of the best purchases I've made. :)

Casey said...

Are they LL Bean shoes? I could use a good water-proof shoe. (Do you put your grips on the bottom? hehe)

Socks look great. Sorry about the heel problem. I can't believe you're almost done! That's one NY Goal you'll have in the bag!

cpurl17 said...

I loves me a good pair of shoes!

Socks lookin' good!

15 degrees is not even in my realm of comprehension. (50 degrees is "cold" to me!) brrrrrrrrr

Teal said...

Thanks for commenting on my Trekking socks on the SAM5 blog. Yours are looking good. The sock blockers are from The Loopy Ewe ( Don't go there if you can't resist sock yarn temptation!

tortikitty said...

Oooooh, I love the socks. I need to learn to knit. Maybe I should come and stay with you and the Little A while I learn to make socks and hats. hehe