Monday, January 7, 2008

Winter Routine

Now that the holidays are over, we've settled into our winter routine. At least the weather has moderated a bit and we're above freezing for the next few days. We just need the snow to melt off the roof so we don't worry about ice dams.

Progress continues on the SAM5 socks -- but not enough to show in a picture. You can visualize the progress as we get cozy in the official "knitting seat." The Little A sits on the fleece under the yellow quilt (her tent). I use the pink quilt. You can see a UFO (well -- it's a sock, so I guess it's a UFS) on the side -- awaiting our return.

This weekend we discovered a new yarn shop...... Hub Mills Factory Store. We picked up some superwash wool for the men's charity caps and some Trendsetter Super Kid Seta for the Ice Queen cowl. Those are next in the queue.


Casey said...

Stash for Bmom!

cpurl17 said...

Jealous that you have a factory store nearby.

If I don't get crackin' I won't have any socks for SAM5!