Saturday, January 12, 2008

SAM5 January Socks - Finally Finished

I finally finished my long awaited (by me, of course) Sock-a-Month January socks.....


They're Back to Basics in Trekking XXL color 110. These were my first toe ups - knit on size 1 circulars using the magic cast-on method. They are a little too "basic" for me patternwise so I folded the cuff over to make them sportier. But they do fit well, especially the foot.

I had a case of second-sock-itis -- but being part of the KAL (knit-along) helped me get over it.

On to Feb -- I have the pattern, but no yarn.


Casey said...

Those are super cute!! Great colors and they look comfy.

Celestia33 said...

Those are so pretty! I'd hate to put on shoes and cover them up.

Do the large stiches in knitted socks hurt your feet?

Yellow Rose said...

Love those colors!