Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two for Tuesday - WIPs

Today we have two works in progress -- two for Tuesday.

First are the SAM5 February socks. These weren't planned for Feb, but I don't have the yarn for my planned socks (I have a very small yarn stash), so we had to go to Plan B. [As a general rule, I think I use plan B way more than plan A.] These are the Vog Ons in Marks and Kattens Clown -- and should be perfect for the spring/summer. I'm just dreaming -- we had 10 inches of snow yesterday. Note that I did switch to dp needles; I find them faster than circulars.

The other WIP is my Snow Queen cowl. The jury is out on that. I'm not sure I like the lacy pattern. Or the provisional cast-on technique I used. We'll see -- maybe it'll grow on me. Love the finished look.

Don't ask why I started two projects with lace patterns simulaneously. Not too smart. Maybe I need to start a third -- something plain.


Anonymous said...

Bmom! I didn't know you were doing a daily blog! Wow - your creations are amazing. You have a real talent!!

bmom said...

Thanks. I don't manage to post daily -- I'd have to knit/sew into the night to show that much progress. LOL!

Casey said...

Are they red for Valentines?

I agree with Carson Penny. You have a TON of talent, lady!