Sunday, February 10, 2008

50 Percent/Half Day

I was hoping to have major progress to report in this post -- but......that's not to be. It seems that I'm at the half-way point on both my WIPs. So sad.

This is the third attempt at the Ice Queen Cowl -- but it seems that third times a charm. It's starting to look like it should (finally). It's a tad over half done right now and I must say that adding those beads is a bit tedious. I do love the lacey look. But I can't start any new knitting projects till this is done.

Next is the to-be-felted bag. This is a good mindless project, knit-knit-knit. It's also about half needs to be about 14 inches tall to be fully cooked.

And since it's a cold snowy New England day.....we have some beauties - neither of whom knows anything below 60 degrees. Little A loves to snuggle under quilts. Camellia did not appreciate being woken up for the photo shoot.


tortikitty said...

Camellia does not look thrilled. hehe Little A, on the other hand, looks as snug as a bug in a rug. I'd love to mush on that Little A.

Anonymous said...

That's one thing about cats. They love to get right into whatever you're doing!

cpurl17 said...

Your Little A looks so much like my Cary!

Em said...

The kitties are so pretty! Looks like your projects are coming right along! :)

Yellow Rose said...

You have such pretty furbabies!