Monday, March 3, 2008

It Must be Monday

Remember that big rock? got its revenge (guess it didn't want to be moved). We had snow (again) -- and March really came in like a lion. So out came the snow blower (again). We fired it up, but the snow just wouldn't blow; it clumped up and looked more like we were trying to grind up big snowmen than clear the driveway. Finally we realized the shear pin was broken -- most likely from hitting that rock last time we blew snow. I think breaking and replacing shear pins is like a rite of passage -- we're now fully qualified snow blowers.

Remember these really old Corelle dishes? These might be two of the original patterns from the late 70s/early 80s. We still have some. That's what happens when two frugal people get married -- he had the blue, I had the brown. But did you know they really aren't microwave safe? It says nothing about use in microwaves on the bottom -- they probably came out before microwaves were in common use. turns out they can (and do) shatter in the microwave. Little Corelle bits (or is it shards) mixed in with the food. It might be time for some new dishes.


DreCat said...

i had that brand of dishes and i put a hamburger off the grill on it, and it broke in half and shattered all over!

Anonymous said...

Bmom - I had the white dishes with the blue trim back in the 1980's until a few years ago. We gave them to my son, I think. I love those!