Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Three on the Needles

I try to have three knitting projects going simultaneously. One complicated, one mindless, and one somewhere in between. The latest Gift for an Unknown Friend is done.....that's three for the year, just a bit behind the goal of one a month. Gotta step up the pace for the summer.

Gift 2008-3

So I started my SAM5 May socks. These are toe up Yarn Over Cable socks. This is how they looked last week -- but I hate those pointy toes (in both socks and shoes), so rip-rip-rip. A few short rows later and we're back in business with a roundy toe (no picture).

The Lace Ribbon scarf is moving along.....it won't be needed till next fall, but is the most mindless of the three projects.

I'm waiting for my new KnitPicks options needles to arrive to cast on the Slow Bee I Mystery shawl. It was advertised as a slow project.......but I guess I must be really slow. The first clue has 76 rows. And of course, there are those who finished the first day. The good part is that everyone else sees what it's supposed to look like when done. This one looks like it'll be a beauty.

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Casey said...

Are you sure the red one isn't your bikini bottom?