Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What Have I Been Up To Wednesday

I started the Mystic Light Shawl knitalong on 26 Mar and finally finished it yesterday. [Note that I do need both a better blocking board (and it has to be big) and blocking skills.] I'm happy with the way it came out, although a solid color yarn probably would've been better. It's made with fingering weight yarn (Wooly Wonka's merino superwash, color Zinnia) - not superfine, but definitely not heavy. Good thing it's finished -- since I signed up for two more knitalong, one of which starts this weekend. Working in a knitalong provides a lot of motivation to finish a project.

The modeled picture doesn't show the cabled edge along the top very well. The design is intended to look like flames.

Mystic Light


Casey said...

that, my dear, is gorgeous!

Em said...

That is so pretty! So many different patterns. wow!