Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back to the WIPs

The house has been cleaned for Thanksgiving (well.....as much as it gets), the leaves have been raked and taken away, so there's finally time for fun stuff.

After a long summer vacation, the Slow Bee Mystery shawl returned -- I'm one of the slowest of the slow bees. I'm on clue 9 (of 10, not counting the edging). For whatever reason, it seems to be going much faster now......all in my head, I'm sure -- it's really a bit over an hour to do each row pair (front/back). I'm going to dye it when it's done.

And we're back on track for SAM6 - November. October's sock was frogged -- black yarn is just too hard to see when knitting. These are Charlene Schurch's Garter Rib socks -- the pattern seems to match the yarn so well. Hmmmm. just noticed an errata notice for the pattern.....I hope my edition of the book has the corrected version because I didn't notice any problems!

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