Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ice, Ice

Last Thursday night we were hit by an ice storm and the power was out from Thursday night through Monday evening. But we are among the lucky. Not only are others still without power, but some had trees fall on their houses, cars, and streets -- making them impassible. While this was not a fun experience, there were a few things that made is less bad.....
  • Gas (propane) fireplaces (kept parts of the house at 50 degrees, compared to the neighbor's 38 degrees)
  • Gas grill with side burner (great for heating water for tea)
  • Portable battery/power source (florescent light and outlet for electric razor)
  • AM radio (news)
  • FM radio/MP3 player (audio books and football game)
  • Laptop (wi-fi was available in other areas as the power came back on)
Next spring/summer, we're having some trees removed.

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