Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do My Eyes Deceive Me???

Last week my eyes were bigger than my stomach.....or I bit off more than I could chew......whatever........I didn't finish any of my goals. This week, to add insult to injury.....I added two new ones. But what's amazing is that the two new ones are sewing projects. Woo hoo!!

At the top we have fabric squares for a new quilt. Now I need some background fabric....fortunately, there's a sale starting tomorrow at the LQS (local quilt shop). The denim on the right is for a reusable shopping bag for B-Dad. One that has no advertising. And the jumble of yarn is a Swallowtail scarf, fingerless mitts (red), and ponytail hat (blue). All are moving along -- it's just that none are finished.

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