Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mid-Week Update

Today was a yucky snowy day. Not just snowy (that would've been OK) -- but snowy with sleet, rain, and ice on top. We were out in the rain/sleet doing the snowblowing and roof raking.......gross.

But snow days create time for we have some progress to report. First -- a completed re-usable shopping bag. It's modeled after a Target bag (size and shape), with short, squatty handles (that's what a Target bag has). I'm not sure about the handles -- they need to extend longer into the bag (a for sure mod) and B-Dad will have to test run them to see if the length and placement is correct. One of the fingerless gloves is done. progress on the blue hat? Well, I did make a hat (it was done), but I didn't like the fit, so I frogged it and have restarted. The cookies are oatmeal raisin and just seemed right for the day.

Remember I wanted more snow to test out the felted mitten covers? Well.....I have to report that they're a success. My hands were toasty warm today. The fit needs to be tweaked, but the concept works!

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pat said...

Love that bright beautiful fabric in the post below! I just finished some reusable grocery bags too (tried 2 different pattern ideas and like them both!)