Friday, January 16, 2009

Frog It Friday - Continued

I was hoping to have a finished object today.....but there were a few problems with the final that will have to wait till next time.

Instead, I frogged two projects -- both of which will be be reincarnated in slightly different forms.

First, we have the Mystic Earth scarf (only about an inch or two into it). I love the pattern, but not in this yarn and not with such a wide border/edging (out of proportion for my taste). So it's back to the stash for this lace weight.

Then we had a zig-zag cowl. It was my own design with my own kool-aid dyed yarn. It was finished. Ends sewn in. Blocked. But it was too big and saggy (slouchy) -- and I knew I wouldn't wear it as was. So I'm going to re-do it -- narrower and shorter. And I'll even fix the mistake I noticed when it was all done. I don't have a before picture, just the after.

Next week I'd better finish something......I'm running out of WIPs to frog.

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