Monday, January 12, 2009

Plans for the Week?

This week's goal is to finish two things................

Snowblowing can be very cold -- especially on the hands. My hands freeze when wearing gloves (even lined gloves). Mittens are much better, but I have to double them to be minimally effective. So I thought that a pair of felted mitten covers might be just the thing......we'll have to see if/how they work out.

Last Friday, as part of Finish or Frog it Friday, I decided to finish my Slow Bee shawl. I only had the edging to do..........(this isn't the official pattern edging -- I thought something different would look better)........but it's taking forever. There were 815 stitches. And someone (don't want to mention names, but her initials are Little A) munched on the yarn and severed it. And did I mention it was taking forever? As of right now, it's 2/3 done. It's taking forever.

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Karen said...

What a great idea those mitten covers are. I bet they will work out wonderfully. Keep up the good work on the shawl edging. You can do it - and think how great it will feel to have it finished and be able to wear it!