Friday, June 12, 2009

Frogging Friday

It's pouring out right now.....perfect frog weather. So it must be Frogging Friday. I started an Ishbel shawl with high hopes and soft yarn with just enough yardage (I even calculated it out on an excel spreadsheet). The stockinette portion was to be in the variegated yarn, lace portion in the solid. Things were moving right along (even though my purl-side yarn-overs were a little wonky). Finished the stockinette portion and moved onto the lace. That's when I realized the two colors just didn't work together. The variegated had clear, bright tones, the solid was muddier. Each fine by themselves....just not together. So into the frog pond it went. Still love the pattern, so I dug out some different yarn....if at first you don't succeed, etc, etc.


Karen said...

Awwww, that stinks. I've always envied those people with excellent color sense. I'm not one of them. Hope you find the perfect yarns in the perfect colors soon!

cpurl17 said...

I'm glad you figured it out before it was too late!